Our 2018 New & Favorites catalog is 128 pages and includes 147 new items from Prime and Jetline. Cover personalization is available for both the print and digital editions. Contact customer service for more information.


Commitment to Product Safety

  • All Prime products are CPSIA compliant,
    unless otherwise noted with the item details
  • Extensive testing protocol for all products
  • Full-time in-house state of the art testing lab
  • Third party testing by CPSC approved laboratories
  • A founding member and accredited by the QCA
  • Early adopter of PPAI Code of Conduct
  • C/TPAT certified

We're Serious About USB Powerbanks & Mobile Device Chargers

  • CE and FCC approved
  • Portable Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Most are IEC 62133 CB Certified by UL Underwriters Laboratory, and PL-4650 is IEC 62133 CB Certified by TUV Rheinland

Product Testing

  • On Site Testing: Since 2007, we’ve had a full-time in-house testing lab. All incoming shipments at Prime’s warehouse are tested for consistency and compliance A full-time safety and regulatory specialist is dedicated to ensuring that Prime Line’s products and printing inks meet all requirements.
  • Third Party Testing: In addition to our in-house testing, most Prime products and our CPSIA compliant decorating inks are tested annually at CPSC approved third party laboratories. All products for use as children’s products are subject to third-party testing.

Prime Quality

Our quality control team is involved in every phase of production from design to the finished product. We guarantee the quality of each of our products against mechanical defects for the life of the item and will repair or replace it at no charge.

Global Responsibility

We continue to focus our corporate efforts on environmental stewardship, including developing more eco-friendly products and reducing our carbon footprint. Prime Line® is firmly committed to social accountability and compliance with local labor laws at each factory we do business with.

Proposition 65
Polycarbonate Water Bottles and BPA
2011 Code of Product Responsibility Conduct
Our Company believes we must not only meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, we must exceed those expectations. To that end, we have adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting the rights of individuals and protecting the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all applicable laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.
Prime Line® Receives QCA Certification Prime Line® is one of the founding members of the QCA and has received full certification by the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA). To achieve this certification, Prime had to successfully complete many thresholds, including a comprehensive review of our quality processes, a four day audit of our headquarters and similar audits of several of our factories in China. Prime is only one of a handful of suppliers who have achieved this important certification. As always, we strive to provide our distributors with promotional products that are safe and compliant.
Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) read more
The industry needs one unified leadership body todevelop and uphold merchandise quality and safety standards - QCA exists to be the governing organization.QCA provides guidelines and mechanisms to test,assess and verify compliance around complex safety,quality,environmental and social issues.