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ab|prime TEAM FAQ Prime Line® CANADA – FOB Toronto
Prime Resources has established the FOB Toronto program to increase sales by making it easier for Canadian distributors to place orders with us. Goods shipped into Canada must be cleared by Customs, which charges Duty; the clearance process is handled for the recipient by a Broker, who charges a fee. These costs must be paid before the shipment is released to the Consignee, which delays delivery and is inconvenient for the distributor and end-customer. Orders shipped FOB Toronto appear to the recipient to have originated in Canada. The distributor is aware that we are imprinting the pieces in Bridgeport, but the shipment is delivered with minimal delay for clearance (which is handled by UPS, acting as our Broker). Prime pays for Duty, Brokerage, and freight from Bridgeport to the border. The costs of these services are not invoiced separately, but are included in the item price. LEARN MORE»

FOB Toronto Program